Selecting an Article for Journal Club

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ACP Journal Club Once a bimonthly stand-alone journal, ACP Journal Club is now a monthly feature of the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. ACP Journal Club summarizes the best new evidence for internal medicine from over 130 clinical journals. Research staff and clinical editors rigorously assess the scientific merit of the medical literature as it is published and a worldwide panel of over 5,000 physicians assesses the clinical relevance and newsworthiness of rigorous studies.

Cochrane Journal Club Cochrane Journal Club is a free, monthly publication, appropriate for trainees, researchers and clinicians, that introduces a recently published Cochrane Collaboration systematic review, with additional relevant background information, a podcast explaining the key points of the review, discussion questions, and downloadable PowerPoint slides with key figures and tables. The complete, full text, systematic reviews are available in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR), licensed through EBSCO.

News Resources

APhA DrugInfoLine APhA DrugInfoLine publishes news on prescription drugs, OTCs, and dietary supplements, in addition to a medication monitor for new drug approvals, supplemental approvals, and product withdrawals. APhA DrugInfoLine (ISSN 2162-3015) is a weekly publication of, and is owned and copyrighted by, the American Pharmacists Association. Publishes interviews with authors of recently published studies that are drawing press attention.

Medscape's Latest Journal Articles Reprints selected journal articles from multiple clinical journals.

Physician's First Watch Founded in 1996, Physician's First Watch, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, issues news summaries on the "next small thing" in biomedical research.

PubMed Commons Journal Clubs At least twenty journal clubs in the United States and internationally have opted to be listed with PubMed Commons. Members may post public comments on PubMed records or on social media venues.

Presenting at Journal Club

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Leading the Club’s Discussion

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Critically Appraising Literature - See the Evidence Based Medicine subject guide

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