Self-testing for the top 300 drugs is called Top 300 Prescription Drugs Challenge in AccessPharmacy, accessible through the Study Tools drop-down menu. The Top 300 Prescription Drugs Challenge is comprised of drugs included in Top 300 Pharmacy Drugs Flash Cards, 2nd ed. (The Top 300 Drug Flashcards review section is in flash card format, browsable by generic drug name and is not graded nor timed. The flash cards' content is extracted from a book published by McGraw-Hill.)

To take a top 300 tier quiz, you will first need to create a personal account in AccessPharmacy, called a MyAccess profile.

Open AccessPharmacy.

Click on the top right silver button marked Appalachian College of Pharmacy and then select the Sign in or Create a Free MyAccess Profile option to create your MyAccess account or sign into it.


When the dialog box appears to sign in, click on the Create a Free MyAccess Profile green button to create an account. This is an account specific to AccessPharmacy & other Access databases created by the publisher McGraw-Hill Education (Neither IT nor library staff will have your MyAccess account information. The MyAccess account is NOT tied to any ACP online accounts). There are options to be re-emailed your username and password, if you forget them.

You will know you have successfully signed into your MyAccess account when your name is stated in the silver button, before Appalachian College of Pharmacy. Then go to the Study Tools drop-down menu and click on Top 300 Prescription Drug Challenge.

Each drug class has three tiers, with tests comprised of multiple-choice questions & all tests are timed at 90 minutes per module. There is no feature to go back to past questions & change answers. The correct answers will be stated after all questions are answered in a module.

Save a screenshot of your quiz score. For iOS, hold down the On/Off button and round button to take a photo of the screen. In Windows one can use either the Snipping Tool accessory or <Function> + <Print Screen>.
Send it as an e-mail attachment to the faculty or staff person recording the scores. (If you try to e-mail your results using the E-Mail Results button within AccessPharmacy, the e-mail may be caught by the college's e-mail filter and may not be received.)

Drug pronunciation:

You may wish to use mobile apps with flash cards on the top drugs, such as:
  • FlashRx - Top 250 Drugs, created and maintained by Dr. Sean Kane, PharmD
  • NAPLEX Top 200 Flashcards App developed by Dr. Mick Schroeder, PharmD, to study brand and generic drug names for the NAPLEX. Available for Android and iOS.

The library also has the following print resources to help students review the top 300 drugs:
  • Sigler Prescription Drug Cards Call number: QV 715 P536s
  • Top 200 Drugs Review Call number: QV 18.2 N992

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